The Setai Tel Aviv

The Setai Tel Aviv, one of the best hotels Israel has to offer,  is an urban resort with 120 luxurious rooms and suites, housed in a meticulously restored Ottoman-era building overlooking Jaffa’s ancient port and the Mediterranean coastline.

Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv coastline and Jaffa Port, The Setai Tel Aviv is a prestigious five-star hotel offering sophistication and tranquility at the crossroads of modern and ancient Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Housed within a historic Ottoman building, once used as a jailhouse, The Setai Tel Aviv offers an enviable entryway to the wonders of the Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv’s full beach coastline and steps away from the city’s bustling boulevards and urban hub.

The 120-room luxury property comprises five buildings of the former and historical Ottoman prison and police station, imaginatively transformed with contemporary touches and classic refurbishments. The Setai Tel Aviv’s marble and stone corridors connect the buildings and converge within a central courtyard. Original design details and stonework harmoniously compliment modern accents, converging with the restored Turkish Hamam Spa and infinity rooftop pool overlooking the entire Tel Aviv skyline – for breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset.

Located in the heart of the ancient port city of Jaffa, The Setai Tel Aviv, one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv is as historic as the neighbourhood that surrounds it. Authentic, sophisticated and welcoming, The Setai Tel Aviv merges the history and heritage of Jaffa with the lavish trappings of a modern-day metropolis.

Architecture and Restoration

Originally constructed as a fortress during the Crusader period and used as a prison during the Ottoman period, the site of The Setai Tel Aviv is drenched in history, culture and architectural heritage of the ancient port city of Jaffa. The original building has been meticulously restored to its original grandeur during a 20+ year preservation process spearheaded by the Israel Antiquities Authority, including extensive archeological digs that unearthed artifacts dating all the way to the Crusader period (12th-century). A large archway is the crux of the building and stands at its entrance, bearing the original seal of Abdul Hamid II, 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

The original “Kishle” has been restored or recreated to the highest standard of preservation by Feigin Architects, including woodwork and ironwork on the facades of several of the rooms and windows of the property’s dining facilities. The front and rear courtyards throughout The Setai Tel Aviv were restored by expert smiths of stone, iron, and woodwork.

Today The Setai Tel Aviv is comprised of its existing structures from the Crusader period, and two additional floors along with as a new auxiliary wing designed to reflect the style of the historic structures. Signs of the building’s fascinating antecedents can be found throughout the hotel, from the 12th century cobble work thru the Crusader and Ottoman times up until today in modern Israel.


The Setai Tel Aviv accommodations are among the most spacious and well-appointed in the city. The 120 guest rooms and suites offer glistening views of various iconic vantage points from the Mediterranean Sea, to the historic Jaffa Clock Tower Square, or the property’s lush inner courtyards brimming with olive and citrus trees.

Accommodations at The Setai Tel Aviv were designed to the highest standards of international luxury, featuring rich walnut furnishings, sea stone walls, custom brass fixtures, Middle Eastern fabrics that evoke the hotel’s history with modern comforts. Guests take their first step each morning onto authentic Oriental rugs, adding purposeful pops of color to the elegant, earth-tone decor.

** The infinity pool is closed during winter season: December- March 1st.